Fraud Activity Warning

If you are concerned that you have been approached by a company orĀ an agency claiming to represent Subsea UK or the Subsea Expo exhibition, and think it may not be genuine, please end the communication and approach Subsea UK directly. You can contact us by email, or on 0845 505 3535.

Subsea UK does not approve or permit third parties to contact exhibitors or anyone attending our exhibition to sell products or services.

Some known activities currently targeting exhibitors include:

Expo Guide Fee

A company claiming to put together the “Expo Guide” may contact you and try to charge you for a listing in the Subsea Expo Show Guide / Directory. If you have received this communication, often by letter, please note this company has no connection to Subsea UK or Subsea Expo. There are no “hidden fees” or “additional charges” for exhibiting at Subsea Expo – insertion into the Show Guide / Directory is inclusive of your exhibitor booking fee.

There are a number of organisations offering directory listings which have no association to Subsea Expo and there is information and guidance available about these well-documented scams here.

Hotel Scams

A company offering housing services has been contacting exhibitors, attempting to sell ‘discounted’ hotel rooms on behalf of Subsea Expo. If you receive a call of this nature we advise that you treat it as suspicious, hang up, and contact Subsea UK directly. Always contact any hotel you wish to book with directly to avoid being scammed.

Contact Databases

Subsea UK does not sell data to third parties for any reason and does not release information held on exhibitors, delegates etc to anyone except where required by law. If you are offered Subsea Expo data lists or similar, please be advised that any data offered is not genuine.