Exhibition Highlight

"Forum Spirit Electric ROV"

Forum Subsea Technologies

Forum Subsea Technologies is a leading provider of products and services to the subsea energy sector. Forum supply an extensive range of products bearing some of the best known brands in the subsea sector including Perry, Sub-Atlantic, Dynacon, Syntech, VisualSoft, VMAX and Moffat.

Forum’s portfolio includes:

  • Workclass ROV, Observation Class ROV, Subsea Trenchers, Manned Submersibles
  • ROV Tooling and Components
  • Launch and Recovery Systems
  • Tether Management Systems
  • Digital Video and Data Acquisition, Processing and Reporting Software
  • ROV Project Simulators and Services
  • Pig Launch and Recovery Systems
  • Syntactic Foam Buoyancy
  • Custom Engineered Subsea Solutions