Exhibition Highlight

"Come and see all the special features of our latest offshore Light Diving Craft. We will also be presenting our new and extended range of workboats."

Hukkelberg Boats

Hukkelberg Boats specialize in state-of-the-art Light Diving Craft, ranging from smaller boats with basic 2 diver AIR systems primarily for in-shore use, to larger offshore spec. boats with IMCA/NORSOK compliant 3 diver NITROX systems. Flexible design allows for high levels of customization, and our boats may also be equipped to support a wide range of IMR activities like ROV operations and MULTI-BEAM scanning.

Our LDC’s are based on years of real world experience and close collaboration with the international diving industry. Excellent seakeeping properties and rugged construction makes the Hukkelberg Boats an efficient, safe and reliable platform for surface supplied diving.