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NOV – Fiber Glass Systems

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NOV – Fiber Glass Systems

NOV – Fiber Glass Systems

Exhibitor Profile

We design and manufacture a range of structural FRP products and solutions for subsea applications using high quality vinylester and isophthalic polyester resins, reinforced with continuous strand woven E-Glass reinforcements.

Our Bondstrand™ FRP structures typically weigh only 1/3 that of equivalent steel structures in air. This weight saving is magnified when immersed, where FRP weighs typically 1/6 that of steel. FRP materials do not require cathodic protection subsea, removing weight and costs associated with anodes and expensive paint systems required for metallics.

Talk to us to learn more about the significant CAPEX and OPEX savings we provide in subsea applications.



James Hood
Sales Manager, Marine Offshore, UK & Ireland

Tel: +447713697463

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Fiber Glass Systems
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