Mariesha Jaffray / Phil Simons

Continuous Improvement Manager / Efficiency Task Force Chairman, Senior VP, Projects and Operations for SURF and Conventional,
Oil & Gas UK / Subsea 7

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Thursday 7th February 2019

Revitalising the UKCS

Presentation starts at: 12:00pm

Presentation title:

Best practices and industry tools for marginal field development


This session provides an overview of the work of the Efficiency Task Force, sharing key learning points including how good practice tools (e.g. Subsea Standardisation Guideline) can help optimise project delivery, particularly important in marginal fields. Through case study examples, the session also explores the key role of the adoption of new contracting models plays in the implementation of these tools.


Dr Mariesha Jaffray
Dr Mariesha Jaffray, Oil & Gas UK Continuous Improvement Manager co-ordinates industry’s Efficiency Task Force. She works with industry leaders to seek out, promote and provide access to efficient practise whilst maintaining safe operations. Passionate about delivering effective change programmes, she is a lean six sigma blackbelt, with an MA in Psychology and a PhD in change management.

Phil Simons
Phil was appointed as ETF Chairman in November 2017 and is the Co-Chair of Oil & Gas UK Advisory Council. Phil has over 25 years’ experience in the energy sector, predominately in subsea and oil and gas and is currently Subsea 7’s Senior Vice President of Projects & Operations. He is also on the board of Oil and Gas UK and Subsea UK. As ETF Chairman, Phil works closely with task force members to seek out efficiency practices for adoption by the energy industry. He believes the task force has a seminal role in harnessing the collaboration needed to seek out essential efficiency practices.