Robert Cowman

Engineering Director,

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Thursday 8th February 2018

Life Extension & Efficiency

Presentation starts at: 1230

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Subsea Energy Diversification in the Marine Sector


In marine renewable energy, tremendous progress has been made to drive down costs with certain projects now achieving subsidy-free status. To secure future volumes of power whilst remaining cost-effective, further innovation is required. The Subsea Power Hub addresses the low carbon aspect by improving the commercial viability of renewable energy, reducing the dependency for fossil fuels.


Rob brings a wealth of experience to the company. Joining in summer 2013 as a Senior Engineering Technical Advisor, Rob assumed the role of Engineering Director to bolster the management team in the December. With over 15 years in the Oil & Gas industry and a varied selection of patents to his name, Rob has shown his diversity and ingenuity within the industry. He has worked with small independents, growing enterprises and large multinationals. With a technology knowledge span from the drill bit to the export pipeline, Rob has a firm grasp of the industry and its demands. As Engineering Director, Rob leads the engineering team and supports the management team in business and technical strategy.