Claire Cardy

Nortek UK

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Thursday 8th February 2018

Technology & Innovation Showcase

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High Precision Performance using New Generation DVLs


In order to improve underwater navigation, Nortek has developed a new DVL which is able to detect the bottom over a greater range leading to exceptional performance. The targeted position error-drift of 0.2% over time was exceeded by an order of magnitude in trials indicating that Nortek’s new DVL is exceptionally accurate and a viable alternative for high end underwater navigation.


Claire studied Oceanography at the National Oceanography Centre before joining Fugro, BMT and ABPmer. Claire has worked on numerous metocean projects, such as feasibility studies through to front end engineering design for offshore oil and gas and marine renewable energy. Since joining Nortek in 2016, Claire has become increasingly involved in supplying subsea navigation instrumentation and ADCPs.