David Jaramillo

Manager Business Development,
RUD Ketten

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Thursday 8th February 2018

Technology & Innovation Showcase

Presentation starts at: 1100

Presentation title:

Achieving Safety in Subsea Lifting by Industry-driven Innovation


As an important part of subsea construction work, often specialised and expensive equipment require to be lowered to the seabed and precisely positioned for installation, all this in a safe, reliable and cost-effective way. In view of many issues with existing hooks RUD and Subsea7 have cooperated in developing the next generation ROV friendly hook in terms of safety, ease of use and reliability.


David Jaramillo holds a Master in Naval Architecture from the University of Hamburg. He has more than 25 years experience in the maritime and offshore sector.He also holds an MBA in Sustainabilty Management from the University of Lüneburg. Since 2013 Mr. Jaramillo works for the swabian chain manufacturer RUD Ketten in Aalen and is responsible for Business Development in the Offshore and Maritime.