Dr. Sam Bromley

Managing Director,
Whitecap Scientific Corporation

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Wednesday 7th February 2018


Presentation starts at: 1430

Presentation title:

3D Data Collection During Routine ROV Operations


This presentation introduces a software that uses a ROV’s existing cameras to generate 3D models of subsea structures in real-time during routine ROV operations. The software makes 3D modeling cost-effective for a wide range of applications by eliminating the need for specialized sensors, workflows, and personnel.


Dr. Sam Bromley holds a PhD in Computing and Intelligent Systems Engineering. He serves as a Director of the Newfoundland Association of Technology Industries, and served as Director and Treasurer of the OceansAdvance ocean technology innovation cluster. Sam is Co-founder and Managing Director of Whitecap Scientific Corporation, providers of the ROV3D Live 3D Underwater Video Inspection System.