Dr. Iain Wallace


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Wednesday 7th February 2018


Presentation starts at: 1400

Presentation title:

3D and the Future of Subsea Inspection


3D is quickly changing the way the renewables, oil and gas industry assess and monitor critical subsea assets. With pressure to deliver improved safety, operating efficiencies and reduced costs, 3D does all three. Rovco’s current photogrammetry offering is just the start, the future is live 3D and AI analysis. This talk will look forward from current 3D approaches to the future this enables.


As Rovco’s CTO Iain leads the development of 3D vision and AI to improve quality and reduce cost in subsea inspection. With a PhD in AI, and research in industry, his expertise ranges from multi-robot exploration to vision systems for Mars rovers. As well as delivering complex AI in the harshest environments on Earth, he has experience in 3D data visualisation, deep learning and embedded systems