Jonathan Everest

Systems & Deliverables Manager,
Offshore Marine Management

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Wednesday 6th February 2019

New Construction / Intervention

Presentation starts at: 10:30am

Presentation title:

MDSᶾ: Improving subsea mattress installation


MDSᶾ was designed to accelerate the deployment of subsea concrete mattresses, reducing time, cost and improving QHSE standards to the Offshore Industry. Delivering three mattresses per deployment and removing the requirement for an additional ROV or divers, MDSᶾ significantly speeds up the protection process to offer the user time and cost savings and improved project efficiency.


Jonathan has over 17 years of experience in the offshore renewable industry, where he specialised in offshore survey reporting. He is trained across a variety of offshore equipment and processes ranging from Geophysical survey to large ROV Trencher systems. Since joining OMM in 2011, he has taken the lead on project tendering, internal processes and winning contracts.