Masuma Ismael

Electrical and Electronics Apprentice,
Saab Seaeye

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Thursday 7th February 2019

Energise Your Future

Presentation starts at: 10:05am

Presentation title:

Journey as an Engineer


In this presentation Masuma will be going over how her interest in becoming an engineer first occurred and what inspired her to look more into it. It will go over the different options Masuma had to be the type of Engineer she wanted to be and how she got to be working as an apprentice at Saab Seaeye.


Masuma Ismael went to an all girls school and went on to do an engineering diploma in college. Before settling on electrical and electronics engineering, Masuma had interest in different types of engineering roles. In her last year of college Masuma was accepted into 5 universities, 4 with unconditional offers and had decided to study in Newcastle before changing her mind last minute.