Professor Alex Kemp

Professor of Petroleum Economics,
University of Aberdeen

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Thursday 7th February 2019

Revitalising the UKCS

Presentation starts at: 9:45am

Presentation title:

UK North Sea economic potential and marginal fields


In this presentation the potential long-term activity in the UKCS is analysed using financial simulation modelling. The key features of the present situation, particularly the presence of a large number of undeveloped discoveries, mostly small pools, are highlighted. The financial modelling then examines the potential field investments and production which could take place from 2018-2050.


Alex Kemp is Professor of Petroleum Economics and Director of ACREEF at the University of Aberdeen. He has published over 200 papers and books in the subject of Petroleum Economics with particular reference to investment and taxation in exploration and development. He was a member of the Energy Advisory Panel to the UK Government and is currently a member of the Scottish Energy Advisory Board.