Scott Macknocher

Chief Operating Officer,
Margot International

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Thursday 8th February 2018

Life Extension & Efficiency

Presentation starts at: 1030

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Exploring technology disruption through digitisation to reduce profligacy and the environmental impact of our industry


Despite the need for change, the oil industry tends to be a laggard in terms of the adoption of digital technologies. This paper explores some of the areas where such technology disruption could deliver a step-change in the way the oil industry works and the challenges ahead for providers of such services in the face of a historically risk-averse industry. Think Airbnb or Uber for the oil industry.


An experienced professional with over 25 years industry experience, the majority spent in senior roles within the subsea sector of the offshore oil & gas industry. Since 2017, developing and growing a new digital platform to allow companies to realise millions of dollars tied-up in idle or surplus equipment, inventory and products through the online platform The Oil and Gas Market.