Be Vigilant to Scams

Please be vigilant against potential scams which target large events and exhibitions, such as Subsea Expo and other trade shows. We have recorded a few of the more common ones below as examples, but if you are ever unsure, please contact GUH directly via

Exhibitor Listing Scam

The “International Fairs Directory” issues a request to correct the information held in their publication, made to look as though it represents a specific event, such as Subsea Expo (example attached). If you complete the form sent to you, the fine print then says:

By signing, your company accepts this legally binding contract for the next three years unless it is terminated by registered letter within twelve days from the date of signature. A yearly invoice of 1,212 euros will be issued once the ad is published and it shall be credited every year via bank transfer as soon as it has been received.

GUH, the organisers of Subsea Expo, have no relationship whatsoever with this company. Your listing in the official Subsea Expo exhibitor guide is fully inclusive in the price of your stand. If you receive anything from the International Fairs Directory it is recommended that you disregard it and contact the event organisers directly if you are uncertain. GUH's events team can be contacted at

Sales Leads Scam

GUH, the organisers of Subsea Expo, are fully compliant with GDPR and have never sold any exhibitor or delegate data from our registration system or any other source to third parties. If you are approached by companies offering to sell you our attendee contact details from any past or upcoming GUH events, it is recommended that you decline this service.

GUH have investigated many of these sales leads scams in the past, obtaining free samples of their data to cross-reference with our own registration data, and have found them all to be completely inaccurate.

If you are ever in any doubt as to the authenticity of a company that contacts you regarding a GUH event, please contact directly.